Creativity. Professionalism. Self-motivation.

W h o w e a r e ?

Our mission:

Loonar Studios is a full-stack creative agency at the top of design thinking. We believe that to create valuable products and empowering experiences we have to be full of not only professional skills, but also love and passion.

Our fundamental vision is love, passion and inspiration towards everything we do. Our primary belief is that simple things can be beautiful, and beautiful things can be functional. That’s why we pay much attention to content, wrapping visuals around the essence.

We are dreamers and beautyholics who strive to make digital space aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and emotional. With this basic mindset and a set of strong skills we approach our work in order to create beautifully simple and meaningful products.

Our values:

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    One of our corporate goals is a consistent achieving of high standards, both visibly and "behind the scenes". We like the idea that professionalism is not the job you do, it's how you do the job. Thus, we outlined 4 attributes which help us to do our work well: competence, knowledge, respect and emotional intelligence.

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    Love & motivation

    We believe that only people who really love their craft are able to create experiences that matter. Motivation is a result of our true affection to the things we do every day. It’s the quality that guarantees our full integration into the project and constant pursuit for new knowledge.

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    Creative mind

    In many cases the value of the product is perfectly revealed through creativity and non-standard solutions. We extremely love such cases and are ready for a turbulent search for fresh ideas. What we love even more - is when tonnes of efforts and hours of creativity result in a simple organic site.

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    We can proudly say that our company is a family-type one. We share our thoughts, communicate, listen to each other and think of the best solutions together. Everyone in LOONARS is talented and smart, but being harmoniously united into a team we are able to create something unbelievable.


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  • CSS Winner — Site of the Day

Our core team:

  • Alex Honcharov


  • Maks Padalko


  • Diana Isaeva


  • Yuri Isaev

    Web Designer, 3D Artist

  • Alexy Holod

    Creative Designer

  • Valeriia Tonkoshtanova

    UI/UX Designer

  • Serj Yermolenko

    Graphic Designer

  • Igor Lukyanets

    Frontend Developer

  • Vlad Proyava

    QA Engineer

  • Den Kubarov

    Project Manager