Android Development

Android development facts and figures

At the turn of 2015 year Google announced that the number Android users surpassed 1,4 billion across the globe. To compare, the world’s population is estimated at 7 billion people. So, here are some facts and figures about Android which explain why you need to consider Android app development for your company:

  • On average, there are 1.5 million Android activations every day.
  • According to some estimates, the Android’s share of the global mobile operating system market is nearly or even more than 50%.
  • Today, there are thousands of different Android mobile devices in the world, and hundreds of Android device manufacturers.
  • Some of Google app developer make more than $1 million per year.

So, for your company it is not an impossible task to create an Android app that costs $1 million and more. The reality is that many companies build successful businesses by simply creating Android apps and Android software development.

Promoting your mobile application

Mobile apps market environment is very challenging. There are thousands of companies offering their products at the Google Play store. It is not a secret that top earners in the mobile apps market spend much of their time marketing, and have large marketing budgets. With mobile apps, it is not just about development, it is also about promoting your application.

Once the application is released, you next step is to introduce it to the market and promote it. There are some crucial steps in promoting your mobile application:

  • Have a business plan some time before you start development. Also, make sure that you understand your target audience.
  • Choose one of the monetization models available for mobile applications: freemium, paid, in-app purchasing, or in-app advertising.
  • Carefully plan your marketing campaign and start it in advance, before the app is officially released, when it is still in development.
  • Launch a website and a blog, use email-marketing, create pages in social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and any other. Set up an early registration page.
  • Make PR activity before the app is released: contact journalists and bloggers, write a press-release, release video demo of your app. Build media plan.

Although much of the promoting work has to be done before release, afterwards there is also no time to relax. Do the following:

  • Keep contacting the press.
  • Be active in social media.
  • Use online advertising and mobile advertising. Do not forget advertising in social media.
  • Use contests to promote your app.
  • Publish your Android app in different stores.
  • If it makes sense, promote your app across offline marketing channels.

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