Back-End Development


While front-end development is about making your website human (it is what user sees and experiences), back-end development is what makes front-end possible. Without backend any website or application, even the most beautifully crafted, risks failure.

Back-end development is a part of your website that is never visible to users and customers. It includes work with a server, an application, and a database. For example, when you book something on a website (a concert ticket, a new iPhone, etc.) or just sign up for a newsletter, you interact with the front-end, but as soon as you enter the required information, it goes to a database stored on a server by an application.

Back-end is responsible for calculations, storing information, interactions with database, and performance. Back-end code is actually what makes your website or application work. If it works with errors, crashes often and is very slow, it is probably because of back-end development problems.

People who build back-end technology are called back-end developers. They work with PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, SQL, etc. Today, there are many back-end programming languages but the most widely used in development are PHP, Ruby and Python. Back-end developers are usually responsible for such things as security, structure and content-management. Developers specializing in back-end understand not only programming languages and databases, but also server architecture.

About us

Loonar Studios is a back-end development company offering considerable experience and professional expertise in back-end development.

Our prices for back-end development can vary greatly depending on your requirements, and are set for each customer individually. If you are interested in back-end development, feel free to fill out the form at our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.