Front-End Development


Today, a successful business requires a functional and attractive website which would look good both on computer screen and on multiple mobile devices. Many companies develop mobile and web applications which have to be intuitive and user-friendly. This is when front-end development, or client side development, comes on the stage.

The product of front-end development is everything you see when you open a website in a browser. In technical terms, it is a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Front-end developers are specialists who build the part of website that users actually see and use. Front-end development is opposed to back-end development which works with databases, servers and other parts of a website that users actually never see.

Front-end development is more than development. It is about user experience and, in the end, your revenues. Bad front-end development results in unsightly appearance of your website or application, in poor user experience and loss of customer loyalty. Good front-end development works towards your marketing goals and increases sales.

Today, customers and prospects use different kinds of devices with various screen sizes and resolutions. Also, they use different browsers each of which shows websites differently. This is the task of front-end development team — to ensure that your website comes up without any mistakes in different browsers, on different devices, and on different operating systems. A good front-end development also takes into account your business and marketing goals, your customers’ needs and preferences, and your company’s brand.

First impression

In a modern world your website is your business card. Also, it is a place where user decides whether they are going to further interact with your company. If a website is not user-friendly, looks badly or loads slowly, chances are high that a user will leave your website and never come back. That’s why front-end development is important.

Business and marketing goals

Front-end developers use the combination of html, CSS, JavaScript including its modern frameworks and other development tools to make sure that your website works towards your marketing goals, brings you new customers, increases sales and is a SEO oriented one.


Effective website is not just about programming and design. It also has to be connected with your business logos, your products and any other aspects of your company’s branding. Whatever your product or service is, it is important that users associate it with your company. In this regard, front-end development is crucial to convey your brand to customers and prospects.

Customers’ trust

In a modern world, trust is necessary to succeed in any kind of business, especially on the web. If your website has any kinds of errors and technical problems, is not user-friendly and not intuitive, it may scare off new customers and reduce trust to your company. One of the tasks of front-end development is to avoid such scenario.

About us

Loonar Studios is a front-end development company offering considerable experience and professional expertise in front-end development.

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