Ecommerce Development

E-commerce Development

Today, e-commerce web development is more important than ever. Twenty years ago it was all about great customer service, friendly staff and flexible pricing policy. Now it is all about great customer experience online — it’s where the money comes from. In e-commerce having properly designed and functional website is a top priority. Always keep in mind that World Wide Web is infinite and there are hundreds or even thousands of companies that offer services/products similar to yours. For online users it is just a matter of a few clicks. That’s why e-commerce website development is crucial for your e-commerce business.

Here are some interesting facts about e-commerce site development explaining why great customer experience is important:

  • According to different surveys, 50% to 80% of customers are ready to pay more for better customer experience.
  • By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator, according to Gartner.

E-commerce industry leaders are well aware of the fact that good e-commerce website development can increase sales, attract new customers and retain the existing ones. According to Amazon CEO Jezz Bezzos,

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”

Challenges of web e-commerce development

E-commerce offers many opportunities for business, at the same time it presents serious challenges both for online shopping companies and for e-commerce website developers.

Today online customers are critical, tech-savvy and always in a hurry. As a result, any fault in e-commerce website development — and you may lose them to competition.

Here are some facts and statistics about online user experience:

  • According to user survey, almost 90% of respondents have stopped online shopping because of poor service and bad experience.
  • Approximately 80+ % of online shoppers need assistance to complete a purchase. Around 30+ % expect to get help immediately and nearly 40% — within 5 minutes.
  • More than 20% of online users will abandon their cart if they have to create account to complete a purchase.
  • They are more likely to share bad user experience than positive. More than that, it takes 12 positive user experiences to make up for one negative.

Anyway, however challenging it may be, e-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors and development of e-commerce is one of the top priorities.

About Loonar Studios

Choosing the right e-commerce development company may be quite a challenge. It is very important that your website is developed in line with your business objectives and current market conditions. In the end, it boils down to finding the e-commerce developer that understands your business and works with your sales objectives in mind.

Loonar Studios is e-commerce development services company having clients in different countries and different industries. We offer considerable experience and professional expertise in website development e-commerce. Our team comprises of back-end and front-end e-commerce web developers, as well as website designers specializing in design for e-commerce. Our developers are focused on providing flexible solutions for small and medium e-commerce business.

Payment systems and platforms for e-commerce

Building and developing e-commerce business is not the easiest task, it involves many aspects such as integration with payment systems. Our developers have considerable experience of integrating payment systems into e-commerce websites and applications. For our e-commerce customers we can offer experience with major payment solutions and online systems: Stripe, PayPal, Magento and Shopify.

Stripe E-Commerce Development

Stripe is an excellent payment solution for both e-commerce websites and mobile applications. Stripe acts as a merchant account and a payment gateway, offering many options for checkout in e-commerce. Also, Stripe has simple pricing, comparing to other payment systems.

PayPal E-Commerce Development Plugins

PayPal is the most known and most widely used payment system in the world — it has almost 180 million user accounts worldwide. In 2015 the company processed $4.9 billion payments. Except taking payments, PayPal also has a feature of sending money through the service.

Magento E-Commerce Development

Magento is the leading provider for omnichannel solutions in e-commerce. It enables seamless integration of physical and digital channels. World’s biggest retail and e-commerce brands rely on Magento in managing their online sales. Loonar Studios developers have experience in front-end and back-end Magento E-Commerce Development, including setting it up for search engines.

Shopify E-Commerce Development

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform with 200,000 online stores and more than $12 billion worth of sales. Founded in Canada in 2004, today it is one of the most popular site builders for e-commerce.

Our services

Being e-commerce development agency, Loonar Studios specializes in custom e-commerce development for online stores and e-commerce business. We provide all stages of web development e-commerce beginning from the idea to payment systems implementation.

Working with us as your e-commerce web developer will bring you the following benefits:

  • Focus on your marketing goals and objectives. We understand that development e-commerce is part of your sales process. That’s why our e-commerce website developers work with your marketing goals in mind. Our goal is to make sure that your customers get great user experience which results in completing a purchase.
  • Outstanding custom-made e-commerce design. In e-commerce design plays a key role in achieving sales and marketing goals. Loonar Studios is an e-commerce website developer able to provide user friendly design for e-commerce.
  • Great user experience. We understand how important it is for e-commerce website developer to take into account your customers needs in order to provide smooth consumer journey and simple navigation.
  • Experience with payment systems. Loonar Studios e-commerce developers have experience in implementing different payment systems and services for e-commerce.
  • 24/7 online support if necessary.


Our prices for e-commerce development are set for each customer individually. If you are interested in e-commerce development for business, feel free to fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.