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iOs development in figures

Worldwide, the App Store has brought approximately $40 billion for developers since 2008, with over one-third generated in 2015, according to Apple. It is just of one of many reasons why you should invest in iOS app development. Also, since the company introduced iOS 8, developers got the opportunity to develop iOs apps with great new features which turned out to be very popular among Apple fans.

  • Currently, App Store has much more that 1 million apps. In general, there have been over 100 billion app downloads.
  • According to estimates, some iOs developers make more that $1 million per year.
  • In 2015 users downloaded many apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV, spending over $20 billion on the App Store, according to Apple recent report.

Also, there is some good news for small iOs app developers: a significant part of App Store revenues are made by average-size and small-size publishers.

Cost of developing apps for iOs

There are many factors which influence the cost of iOs mobile development and app development. They include factors necessary for successful implementation of the idea, for development and design, and for post-release services.

So, let’s try to figure out what factors mobile app development depends on:

  • Technical complexity
    There are many features which can be implemented in mobile app development. Depending on how many features a customer wants in the app, the cost of it can vary greatly. Examples of such features are integration with third parties (libraries, services, social media accounts and so on), implementation of in-app purchases, use of hardware mobile components (NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, heart rate sensors, barometers), development of custom-made admin panel, back-end development, use of Application Programming Interface, and others.
  • Compatibility with devices and OS
    There are different devices and mobile operational systems with which your application has to work together. For example, in developing iOs apps it is important that the application is compatible with the latest versions of iPhone devices and support different versions of iOs operating system.
  • Design
    For an iOs development company, it is always easier, thus less expensive, to build standard design. Custom design is usually more complex to implement, thus more expensive.
  • Post-release support
    With mobile apps, it is not just about development, it is also about post-release support. This part of expenses is not always included in initial cost estimate. Some iOs app developer provide post-release support as an additional service. It may include marketing and promotion, regular updates, maintenance of back-end servers, cloud hosting, customer support, and so on.

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