Why mobile app development is important?

As mobile devices and mobile Internet usage have skyrocketed in the recent years, business is faced with all sorts of challenges which may seem threatening but at the same time create new opportunities for marketing and sales. One of such opportunities is represented by mobile apps for business.

Here are some interesting facts and exciting statistics about mobile applications that will make you want one for your business:

  • Smartphone users spend almost 90% time using mobile applications according to Nielsen report.
  • Mobile applications account for more than 50% of the time users spend on digital media according to comScore U.S. Mobile App Report.
  • Young generation likes buying via mobile applications: as recent researches have shown, in different countries 60% to 70% of millennials prefer purchases using mobile apps, in comparison to other platforms (IMRG report).
  • More than $58 billion will be spent on business and professional applications by the end of 2016 (VisionMobile report).
  • As Gartner predicted, by 2017 mobile apps downloads will exceed 268 billion. It means that mobile apps for business owners give access to huge core audience and provide great marketing opportunities!

Why you need your own app?

According to Ericsson report, the number of smartphone users will exceed 6.1 billion by 2020. Needless to say, having mobile app is almost a must for any kind of business.

So what are the main reasons why your business should consider developing a mobile app?

  • Your customers want it. People are accustomed to using mobile apps. For your customers mobile apps services means your contact details within a touch, notifications concerning important events, convenient scheduling and lots of other amazing stuff. Do not disappoint them!
  • Mobile apps for smartphone and other mobile devices offer the sort of user experience which is not always possible with websites. Therefore, they help you build brand loyalty and improve credibility.
  • Mobile apps for small business increase visibility and accessibility for customers and prospects.
  • Mobile apps create a completely new direct marketing channel which generates new leads and increases conversion.
  • All of the major brands already have apps. That’s the last but not least reason why you should also have one.

Why Loonar Studios?

Choosing the right mobile apps developer may be quite a challenge. Although there is no exact statistics on how many mobile applications there are in the world today, it is possible to assume that the number is huge. That’s why it is crucial that your mobile app is developed in line with your business objectives and current market conditions. In the end, it boils down to finding the company that understands your product and can develop mobile app with your marketing goals in mind.

Loonar Studios is a mobile apps development company offering considerable experience and professional expertise in mobile software development.

Our mobile application development process is totally comprehensive. It begins with the idea of mobile application. Whatever your idea of mobile app or your requirements may be, our mobile development team will add value to the project. We develop our mobile applications with two points in mind:

  • Your users. Our approach to mobile app development is user-centric as great user experience is the key to your business success.
  • Your marketing goals. We understand that, at the end of the day, your app is a business investment and that your primary goal for mobile app development is to generate revenue.

In the development process we constantly communicate with the customer keeping them well-informed and providing updates on project progress.

After approving and beta-testing application, we submit it to an app store. Submitting new apps for approval may be a long and multi-step process — we know how to successfully navigate and complete it.

Our track record as a mobile app development company includes mobile apps for commercial and service companies. In our portfolio you can find examples of mobile apps we have developed for our clients.

Our pricing policy

Our mobile apps development pricing is flexible and tailored to your needs and wants. Please, fill out the form at our website and we will contact you as soon as possible. Our pricing policy is to offer you the best price performance ratio, make sure that your app is delivered on time and within budget, and your mobile app development cost pays for itself.