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Analytical Research,

Kepner-Tregoe provides a unique combination of training and consulting services designed specifically to get to the root cause of problems and permanently address your organizational challenges.

The objectives

A website redesign and development for the famous consulting and training company, Kepner Tregoe. Loonar’s core objectives were to optimize the website for user experience, develop and implement e-Commerce functionality, and give a modern touch to user interface.


Fully redesigned experience


Refreshed global positioning.
User friendly minimalist website.
Well-structured content.
Well-thought eCommers functionality.
Better User Conversion.
Enhanced and multi-purpose user account.
Effective learning materials management.

One of the goals set for the Loonar team was to create a highly responsive site so that it works well and looks good on different devices. Considering in some cases complicated interface (i.e. My KT Portal), we had to test different solutions in order to find the most scaleble one.
We have created a very logical and well-structured user experience, removed all the misleading connections and extra user flows. A great amount of content was reorganized into small and easy-to-read sections. We have put the highlights in a way that each web page communicates to users with a clear message.

Client’s feedback

Phillip Thompson
VP of Global Growth, Client Services & Marketing, Kepner-Tregoe

After launching the site a little over a month ago we have seen our traffic more than double and the level of contacts has increased by several hundred percent. The clients love the new modern design and we have received compliments from many clients, partner companies, and even competitors. The overall feedback is that the user experience has improved significantly and people now understand precisely what we do much faster, and how to communicate with us in a simple and straightforward way.

For nearly 60 years Kepner Tregoe has been conducting workshops and trainings, both for groups and individually. We have created a very lightweight and easy to use catalog with the ability to filter workshops by different criteria. An eCommerce functionality has been added so that visitors can make instant purchases with their credit cards.
Once visitors purchase a workshop and register for it, they can get access to the workshop learning materials in their My KT Portal. We organized KT learning resources into a virtual library which is available through the access code. Users can easily access the provided materials of all the activated workshops. For the KT managers we created a simple management system so that they can create workshops, assign access codes to them, and manage learning attachments.