Wells Fargo ®

Anaytical Research,
Mobile app

Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational financial services company with corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California, Manhattan, and overseas.

Refreshing a
banking app

This project is an alternative look at what Wells Fargo app design might look like. All screens were designed to have all frequently used functions at your fingertips. See your current financial performance, add modey to the account and manage your portfolio easily.

Trending among competitors

About work

Our goal was to find some weak places in the application UX and eliminate them. We also greatly improved UI so it can be not just useful but also trending among competitors.

Classic credit card manager. It consists of a catalog of cards, brief financial ( income and expenditure) information for a monthly period, financial schedule, and a set of services to work with cards. In addition, we made this app come with several preview modes for cards.
Money transfering. This is one of the most common services used in banking applications and systems. We made WF app so that user can access a list of business cantacts in a convenient way. In case a user wants to use the card number of the recipient in the future, he can save it to his address book simply by clicking on this button.