Loonars Studios is a web development company which offers the entire range of web development and related services, including quality assurance, maintenance and improvement, project management and customer support outsourcing.

Quality assurance

Everyone would agree that first impressions are very important for a business online. Once a first-time-user experiences problems with your website, he will probably leave and never come back. Meanwhile, in web development and design many things can go wrong. That is when quality assurance comes on the stage.

In web development and applications development, quality assurance is an independent process which discovers development errors and design issues. The goal of quality assurance is to minimize defects in your website or application, improve efficiency, and increase customer confidence. Quality assurance enables your company to better compete with others, and, in the end, increase sales.

In development, quality assurance is a systematic process of testing a website or application using a range of different testing techniques to make sure that a web product works smoothly and without errors. In some way, quality assurance functions as a ‘voice’ of your end-user. It aims to make a website or application better for end-users and customers.

Quality assurance in web development includes three basic types: requirements testing, design testing, and functionality testing. Requirements testing process ensures that end product meets the requirements of the client, according to the project documents approved by the client. The aim of design testing is to ensure that ‘look and feel’ of your website or application is correct and based on the design requirements approved by the client. It usually involves testing in different browsers and on different platforms. Functionality testing ensures that every function of your product — link, button, form — works properly and that end-users will not be experiencing any problems when using it.

Maintenance and improvement

Once your website or application is released, it still has to be provided with proper maintenance which is necessary for improvement, modifications and updates of the product. There are many reasons why modifications are required: technical requirements (new versions of browsers, platforms, and devices), change of market conditions, changes at business and organizational level, etc.

Loonars Studios offers full range of maintenance and improvement services, such as routine performance check-ups, minor repairs, major updates, etc.

The type of maintenance depends on the type of product and clients’ needs. Basically, there are four types of website and application maintenance services:

  • Preventive maintenance aims to prevent problems, which are not urgent or acute, but may cause serious issues in the future.
  • Adaptive maintenance is necessary to keep your product in line with the latest changes in the world of technology.
  • Corrective maintenance is used to fix current issues such as user report errors.
  • Perfective maintenance is used to improve your website or application, for example to add new features.

Project management

In web and application development, project management is crucial. Project manager is not a person who is doing the work. The goal of project management in web development is to ensure that the process of development works as it was intended, according to client’s requirements.

There are many reasons why companies outsource project management. Most often, that is because they do not have skills and people to do it on their own. In such case, you can contract a development company to manage the project for you.

Loonars Studios offers project management outsourcing for your development projects. If you are interested in hiring an external project manager, contact us.

Customer support

Today, many e-commerce companies and other online service providers prefer to outsource their customer support service. For companies such approach may be a good way to reduce costs, relieve workload on their staff, and provide efficient customer support service.


Our prices for quality assurance, maintenance and improvement, project management and customer support outsourcing can vary greatly depending on your wishes and requirements, and are set for each customer individually. If you are interested in any of the services, feel free to fill out the form at our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.