What do UX/UI design terms mean?

Most of the Internet users make judgments about your company’s credibility depending on your website or mobile app design and usability, and first impressions of your business are totally design-related. Also, most Internet users do not return to a website of your mobile app if they had a bad experience with it, so many companies lose money because of slow-loading and poor-looking websites/mobile apps.

That’s when UX/UI design comes on the stage. UX Design is an abbreviation of User Experience Design, while UI Design refers to User Interface Design. These two kinds of design are crucially important in providing customer satisfaction and enabling quality interaction between a user and your company. These elements of design work closely together but their roles are completely different. For your company and your product, it is essential that both UX and UI are present. Web UX design is usually followed by web UI design.

If a website looks great but is difficult to use, it means it has good UI web design and bad user experience web design. If a website is easy to use but looks terrible, it means it has good web design user experience and bad web design UI. The same works for mobile applications.

UX Design is responsible for providing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving usability and all aspects of user-company interaction. User experience designers are usually concerned with the overall feeling of the website. Their goal is usability and good user experience.

UI Design is about the look of your website. Web UI designer is responsible for providing balanced style and consistency in visual elements. Their goal is to show your company’s strengths visually and guide a user through your website with the help of different visual elements.

Here are some facts and figures which prove that UX development and UI development are essentially important for your business:

  • Most of online users who don’t like what they find on your website leave it and go to another.
  • According to different surveys, more than half of users confess that bad experience with a website makes them less likely to engage with the company.

Why Loonars Studios

Loonars Studios is a full-cycle user experience design agency and UI development company. Our developers and designers are able not only to bring your project and ideas to life, but also to make valuable suggestions for your design for user experience and UI design development. We understand that designing user experience, as well as user interface design and development, are crucially important for your business. Our goal is to develop a website or an application which will improve customer satisfaction from interaction with your company and increase your sales.

Our designers and developers work with such tools as Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InVision, Pixate and others.

Our portfolio as a design user experience and web UI development company includes projects for such companies: SBM, E-cameraMedGrow, TamwilyLeoGamble.

Loonar Studios is a UX design company and UI web developer. Our UX developers and UI web development specialists have considerable experience in developing websites and applications which work towards your marketing goals.

Design cost

Design prices can vary greatly depending on the needs and wants of the customer. Loonar Studios provides customized services, and our design prices are determined for every specific case individually. If you are interested in design services price, feel free to fill out a form at our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.