Web Design

Why website design is crucial

Do you know how many websites there are on the web today? More than one billion, and the number is growing. The problem is many of these websites fail almost as soon as they are launched. The reason is there are too many of them today, and to be noticeable a website has to stand out. That’s what good website design is all about — attracting visitors, gaining their trust and providing conversions.

Another question is: “How much time, do you think, it takes an average user to form an opinion about your website?” A minute, 30 seconds, maybe 10? If only… According to recent studies, much less. Internet users make quick decisions. According to different studies, 0.05 seconds is what it takes to make a decision whether to leave or stay, whether they like your website or not, and whether your company is to be trusted or not. This is the reason why your website web design is so crucially important. You may never get the second chance, just fractions of a second. That’s why it is important to choose the right company for your website design development. That’s why it is important to choose the right company for your website design development.

The last but not least is emotions. In shopping and decision making the power of emotions can hardly be overestimated. Triggering right emotions is the best way to help your website visitors make right decisions. Visual design is the simplest way to impact their emotions and feelings.

Responsive web design

As it had been predicted, in 2014 mobile Internet usage did surpass desktop Internet usage. According to different data, more than 60% of Internet access is mobile. Also, as Google reported, nearly 80% users conduct mobile searches when they are at work or at home (when a desktop computer is nearby). This is the reason your business needs a responsive website. If you want your website to be displayed properly on different devices, you need to design a responsive website.

Responsive design website is designed in such a way that it can adapt to different devices and browsers. Responsive sites are displayed well in different browsers on computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices. It provides great and smooth user experience.

Here are some facts and figures about responsive website design:

  • Different browsers render your website in a different way. That’s why you need web responsive design — to make sure that your customers always get great user experience, on different devices and platforms. Websites with responsive design provide much better user experience than non-responsive ones.
  • If a user goes to your website and gets some bad experience, there is more than 60% chance they will go to some other website, probably web design responsive, and never come back.
  • If a user goes to your website on mobile device and gets positive experience, there is 67% chance they will buy your product or service. It is one of the examples how responsive website development pays for itself.
  • Google has favored responsive design sites over non-responsive ones beginning from April 2015. In other words, responsive design websites get better search ranking than their non-responsive competitors.

Loonar Studios, as a responsive design development company, has designed responsive websites for clients in different countries. Our portfolio of responsive web designs includes a range of projects for clients in different sectors. Our responsive website design prices depend on your needs and requirements.

If you are interested in website responsive design and responsive website design prices, feel free to fill out a form at our website and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will be happy to take care of your responsive design development.

Retina ready web design

The term ‘retina ready’ appeared when Apple introduced their iPhone 4s. Retina display is a liquid crystal display that has higher pixel density and makes images clearer. At such displays, many websites and images show up distorted. That’s why you need retina ready website design. Loonar Studios creates design for retina display websites.

There are reasons why you should have a retina ready website:

  • More than 30 million users. That is the number of users who browse Internet on retina displays. In addition to Apple, there are other companies that use retina displays for which one needs retina ready websites and retina ready apps.
  • Better quality. Retina designs allow to use sharper fonts and better pictures than usual. That’s why retina websites are displayed better than non-retina ones.

Why Loonar Studios?

Choosing a web design services company may not be the easiest thing to do. There are many factors which have to be taken into account. First of all, you have to define your marketing goals and set the approximate budget. Then you can move on to the choosing stage. Nowadays there are many web design firms, providing all sorts of services. Before hiring any of web design companies, it is desirable to get information about their track record, what kind of experience in web design services they have, if they work with their clients’ marketing goals in mind, in which terms they measure their results, and so on.

Loonar Studios is a professional web design company providing creative and innovative web design services and solutions. With us your website design will not just be beautiful and catchy, it will be working toward your marketing and sales goals and objectives. Our website design service is consumer-centric — it focuses on your customers’ and prospects’ wants and needs. We develop our website design solutions with your marketing goals in mind so that every dollar you invest in website design services brings you profit.

Every time we get a request for web designing services, we look at your marketing goals and develop your website design with these goals in mind. For example, if we develop design for e-commerce website, the outcome will include increasing conversions.

We work on projects of all types and sizes. Feel free to fill out a form at our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Web design for small business

If you are a small business company, you obviously know that your website is a vital part of the marketing efforts which can generate you new leads and increase conversions. Also, there is a possibility that you have many competitors which offer similar or even identical products and services as yours. It means that your small business website design is very important: as soon as your prospects comes to your website, you have fractions of second to convince them that your company can satisfy their wants and needs. If your small business web design is not catchy, aesthetically appealing and visually interesting, you will be losing both prospective customers and money.

Loonar Studios provides website design for small business, and we have some great examples of web design small business in our portfolio. Those include projects in e-commerce (fashion and beauty retail), IT, gaming projects and other.

Every time we design a website for business, we start with presenting the idea, then move on to developing a structure of the website, and only then proceed with the design itself. Our goal is to make sure that our web design services for small business will help you achieve your marketing and sales objectives.

Landing page web design

Landing page design can have a great impact on your marketing goals and business results. Web design by itself has a lot of rules and principles but with landing pages it is almost an exact science. Landing page design companies take into account all of the factors which can influence your conversion rate. Loonar Studios specialises in landing page website design, and we have some great examples of landing page design in our portfolio. Our landing page design service is aimed at your specific goals and persuading users to take some particular action.

Website design cost

Web design services prices and website design development cost can vary greatly depending on the needs and wants of the customer. Loonar Studios provides customised services and our website design services prices are determined for every specific case individually. If you are interested in web design price, landing page design price or website design cost for small business, feel free to fill out a form at our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.